Healing Immersions at Vibe House 

Uma & Perkunas, feeling appreciation at La Costa, CA :)

We hold the space for your AMAZING TRANSFORMATIONS

At the Vibe House...
...you’ll find all the tools and knowledge necessary to make lasting changes in your life, 
to achieve what people call miracles, or just to be essentially...happier :)


We work with only one person at a time, so all our loving attention will be to do our best to guide you and assist you in your transformation.
After our initial interview with you, our team will create a unique program that will serve you best on your journey. After years of eager personal exploration, self-development, and working in the field of raw foods, we have gained deep understanding and knowing of natural healing and well-being.
The program that we'll create for you will include a wide range of tools (from physical to metaphysical :) to assist you in removing the blockages and giving the tools to create a happy, healthy, vibrant YOU!

What it's like at the VIBE HOUSE

Stay at our comfortable SoCal accommodation, in a home-like environment (you'll have a private room)
Enjoy daily fresh organic raw food meals (customized for you!), made by professional raw food chefs
Fully equipped raw food kitchen available for professional raw food preparation classes and fun raw food demos.
Full access to spacious living room area, yoga room, garden and pool.

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 The Vibe House Team

Fire, uplifter, creative, passionate, alchemist...
Perkunas is in charge of the magic kitchen moments, he will guide you to explore with your palate and also with your emotions, his uplifting personality will ignite the fire in you :)

Water, clarity, healer, flowing at ease, peaceful...
There is a moment to settle and contemplate the exploration you will be experiencing with us. Uma is in charge of balancing energies at the Vibe House. Her peaceful vibe is all over the place and it will help you find balance and clarity. 
Uma is also a yogini and an amazing healer, she is proficient in the arts of body and vibrational aspects of human nature...be ready to pamper your soul :)
Air, transcendental, magic touch, cheerful, energizer...
Her unbreakable positive energy will automatically lift your smile to the point of no return :)
Sparkle is also an amazing masseuse, she'll let you to not only relax but also fill you up with intoxicating cheerful vibes :)
Earth, grounded, healer, motherly energy, musical...
When we ground, we connect, we reset, we enhance, we...expand :)
Glow has warming and gentle grounding and motherly vibe, her intuitive perception and reiki skills will help you to keep you present and appreciating the moment. 

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