You can choose ANY item from our menu, all menu items are the same value! 
To place an order please choose your desired number of dishes (minimum of 8) and make a payment. 
To let us know your menu selections please fill in a special field at the end of your checkout or simply email us the names of your selected items at info@veggievibes.com

If you want us to choose for you it will be our pleasure! If you send us continuos feedback about our food and service we could suggest the items that you'll like the most, remember we change our menu every week and is continuously improving thanks to your feedback :)

The food is delivered every Tuesday morning-afternoon. Please remember to order in advance. Our menu is posted one week prior Tuesday's delivery. Best time to order is from Tuesday to Friday for next week's delivery.

One Time Order
When you order just once, there is no commitment to ordering every week and you can order anytime you want.
Remember to place your order at least 4 days prior to our Tuesday's delivery. Our new menu is posted each Tuesday morning for the next week's Tuesday delivery :) 

One Time Order
Select your number of items 

Weekly Subscription

When you subscribe for our weekly delivery, you don't need to pay every week, it will automatically be charged to your card. 

When you SUBSCRIBE to our weekly delivery, it is not only cheaper, but you also get FREE extra raw treats or dishes each time we deliver :) We really appreciate consistent clients who want to make permanent healthy changes in their life styles :)

Weekly Subscription 
Select your number of items 

We need your phone number :)
PLEASE MAKE SURE TO GIVE US YOUR PHONE NUMBER  In case we need to reach you. Also remember to send us your selection every week or let us know your preferences and we will build an awesome menu for you.

Changing or Canceling your Subscription  

Maybe you want to add or reduce dishes in your weekly subscription or maybe you want to cancel or suspend your subscription, then just let us know by e-mailing us at:


We can only cancel or suspend susbcription and you can do it too through paypal.
If you want to add just extra dishes for one particular order, just 
e-mail us your selection and we'll send a request for the cost of the extra items :) Or you can cancel your current susbcription and create a new one with the desired number of dishes :)


Price includes delivery in San Diego County all the way from Chula Vista to Oceanside and Escondido, and Lakeside going East. If you are located further this area, please let us now, a small extra charge might apply.

For orders outside San Diego County please read below :)


If you're not in San Diego County we can ship Veggie Vibes Raw Food Box to you anywhere in the U.S.

First, place your order (payment button above) and e-mail us your menu selections at info@veggievibes.com 
Notice: adding juices, smoothies, and milks to your order will increase the shipping rate. 

Second, we'll calculate the cost of overnight shipping to your location and send you a paypal request to pay the shipping fee.

Please notice: we don't use a conventional shipping cost calculator, because we change our menu every week, our food is artistically crafted and ingredients vary with the seasons, it has different weight and shapes every single week :) 

Shipping rates vary depending on the size of your order and shipping location. For 8-10 dish order the shipping cost is approximately from $25 to Southern California and to $95 approx. to the East Coast. If you'd like to know the shipping cost to your location please send us your zip code and we'll give you an estimate!

We'll ship your raw food box on Monday afternoon via next day delivery service and it will arrive to you from noon to late afternoon on Tuesday, same time as San Diego residents. 

Fill up the BOX! Shipping cost prices reduce the more you order! 

Lets say...to ship to East Coast cost around $84 for 8 dishes order and around $98 for 16 dishes order.
Juices or smoothies increase the cost a little bit as well :)
We can add to our biggest box from 18 to 24 dishes, (depending of which items you choose) Adding an extra box will be an extra shipping charge. 

Have questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us at info@veggievibes.com