"I have been getting my “Vibes On” with Chef Perkunas and Veggie Vibes now for over 3 years.  It started back in September 2010 when I decided to make a change in my life.  I was weighing in at over 350 pounds and having chronic issues with the joints in my knees, inflammation and headaches.  The headaches were the worst!  I had been suffering with daily headaches for well over 25 years.  I thought it was stress and work related but after retiring they still persisted... Continue Reading" -Abe R. (October, 2013)

"Ok I absolutely love the food!!! So far I've tried some of the Nori chips and veggie dip which was so good that I didn't want to stop eating. And later I had half the French-indo terrine and a few bites of the chia-fruit pudding which blew my mind!!!! Loved every bite! Thank you so much for fitting me in last minute:)! "
- Doni Whitfield (July 2014)

Slowly my husband keeps “sneaking” bites of my food, thank you for such deliciousness!  The extra raviolis were wonderful!
Marcelle Rossman (July, 2014)

"OMG I have a new addition for addiction! I am LOVING the veggie dip!  I am eating it on your Nori crackers which are amazing too so the combo is like crack! Thank you for feeding me." - Amy (April, 2014)

"Hi Chef, I am not new to "raw" but I am blown away by the deliciousness you delivered today! Thank you for doing what you do. I can't wait to try each item!!" -Kathy Weil (April, 2014)

"Just want to thank you... For what you are doing with your lives... And to my food! I am an animal intuitive and illustrator... Finishing-up my Masters in Spiritual Counseling-am happier ingesting your vibes than I have been in a bit... Blessings! Namaste," -Wave (April, 2014)

"Dear Veggie Vibes Yoda, My wife Sue Sherry has been ordering for our home over the past month, the food is beyond the BOMB! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I'm somewhat of a food snob, in a nice way:)  Veggie Vibes rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a bummer we are out of town next week so will miss the 25th treats :( We will continue to spread the Veggie Vibe love. Peace," - Jim D. and Sue S. (March 21st, 2014)

"Thank you for infusing your loving energy into your scrumptious living food." -Wave R. (April 2nd, 2014)

"WOW is all I can say about your incredible food!  Last week’s menu was incredible!  So flavorful and so filling.  Never realized raw food could taste so amazing. Thank you for a great introduction to the world of raw!!!" -Annette Crone (Jan, 2014) 

"I am SO excited and grateful that, after a few weeks of traveling, I will finally be home to spend time with my family AND eat my favorite food in the world! :^)" -Hal Elrod (Feb, 2014) 

"I can't believe how great the food tastes, everything is so delicious! I am trying really hard not to eat everything at once. The flavors are incredible! Thank you!" -Uli Samer (Feb, 2014)

"I just ate my Florentine Lasagna...delicious!! And I think I had an orgasm after eating some of that divine chocolate love you sent! ;-) Yummy!!"  -Suzannah (Feb, 2014)

"Your food is amazing. The energy you put into your food is wonderful. What a relief to find someone like you. Thank you so much for providing this service. I am only here 2 weeks out of the month as I live in NM and work here in CA, so I will definitely stop buying at the grocery store and eating out and order from you while I am here. Thank you, thank you, thank you..." -Patty E. (April 4th, 2013)

"Oh my! Not only are your gifted abilities as a chef BEYOND inspired, but also your kindness and generosity is overwhelming! :) I loved everything..." -Kath (March, 2013)

"I realize it was 2 weeks ago now but I forgot to let you know how much I loved the Roselini pasta. With the basil salsa and nut Parmesan, sooo good. I enjoy all of your dishes. I'm usually a bland eater and your foods have helped me to eat more creatively and healthfully... " -Dona P.

"IT WAS AMAZING! I really couldn't choose my most favorite dish but I think it would be between the squash burger and the zucchini lasagna. I was beyond happy with every single thing and it was hard not to eat everything all at once! I knew everything was going to be delicious but if its possible, all the food exceeded my expectations. I am a college student, so convenient meals help A LOT, but not many places serve raw, vegan and gluten free meals in Baltimore (and especially do not have as much variation as VeggieVibes!). I am truly SO glad I have found your company and look forward to purchasing many more delicious meals. Thank you so much for the fabulous food!!" -Samantha B. (Feb 1st, 2013)

Thanks to Juli Novotny, the creator of Cookie Karma, yummy raw cookies made with love, for posting such loving comments on her blog:
Click here to see the Blog  (Jan 25th, 2013)

"I have very much enjoyed your meals.   They are tasty, prepared in an eye pleasing way, and gives me lots variety. One can easily get into a rut and make the same things because they are easy and quick.  Your service gives me a chance to expand my palette.  I’ve been especially appreciative of having prepared meals because I have been so slammed with outside responsibilities that haven’t had time to do the prep required to make the things I like.  So rather than to just have to settle for salads every day, I get to have an explosion of tastes and textures!..." -Elizabeth F. (Jan 21st, 2013)

"I honestly can't wait until Wednesday, I am surprised how fresh the food is even several days after...the energy in the food is amazing...
and I can tell you are creating very high vibration food...not easy to find nowadays..."-Joe R.  (Dec 2nd, 2012)

"Dear Chef: I Love your wonderful food. When I took my first bite; of "Shaman's Lunch Box" the zucchini bites, I think I let out an "audible sigh"!  I can't remember the last time I've enjoyed such flavor.
Every dish for the week was exceptional. Beautiful presentation.
Your food is so rich in flavor & content; that I'm satisfied with less food, & as you had told me; I lost weight." -Madeleine T. (Dec. 3rd, 2012)

"Chef Perkunas, you are truly talented.  I loved the thunder milk the best out of everything.  The way the spices changed the flavor as I drank it made me savor each sip.  Next was the tamales, then the pizza.  My least fav was the mushroom jicama combo. . but they could be someone else's favorite.
I appreciated how easy it was to have gourmet food delivered to my home.  Thank you for a wonderful experience which trickled through the week." -  Gigi D. (05-31-2012)

"WOW WOW WOW. We just had the pizza and I'm buzzing with your good energy.
We want to continue this. Also it was a tremendous help to have you make up the menu and how to divide the dishes. I would love that for each week if that works for you and would be happy to compensate you for your extra work. I can't tell you what it's like for me to not have to worry about prepping the food. It was like Christmas in May today!!!
Thank You again for your dedication and kindness and providing this awesome service!!" - Celeste (05-30-2012)

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed every single meal you delivered. I was going to try to pick out one or two that I liked the most but it was difficult to do since they were all outstanding! You are a genius! I am 100% Italian, raised on normal Italian food, so when I saw “pasta” with “meatballs”, I was glad that I’ve been vegan for many years because I couldn’t imagine how I could enjoy non-traditional Italian food. However, I was astounded to find that they were SO YUMMY! I don’t know how you come up with such great combinations, Perkunas, because everything I ate was a veritable delight!" - Merceda A.

"I love the food, it is delicious...I look forward to Mondays now:)" - Erin M.

"I received my food today. What a wonderful pleasure after a long day at work. OMG it was sooo delicious. Thanks again to everyone at Veggie Vibes!!" - Cami C.

"The meals were delicious! Love the Tomato Rawviolis, so far it is my favorite. Can't wait for another week of wonderful meals." - Tamitha M.

"I absolutely am loving your food. I can not believe raw food can taste so good. I am trying to add better nutrition to my diet and thought I would add a little raw in the mix. It is very filling and satisfying. The presentation is lovely and I don't feel like I am missing anything. I went ahead and put an order in for next week. Thanks for the great food!" - Gwen G.

"The food has been delicious! So nicely prepared and fresh." - Hope H.

"Next week on the 15th (10/15/2011) will be my 1 year anniversary of ordering and enjoying Veggie Vibes wonderful food!! I don't think that I could have lost the weight that I did without your help. I have truly enjoyed each and every meal that you have prepared. I tell the people I know about Veggie Vibes all the time and how I lost 130 pounds (so far). It's a big change to go raw, but I feel so much better and healthier since I've made the switch. Most people are not willing to make such a drastic change to what they eat and especially they don't want to give up meat in their diets. Well for me I'm grateful that you are here and doing the service you do - both of you have been so helpful to me at this time in my life!" - Abe R.

"Amazing food! Huge portions and delicious amazing flavors. After battling Cancer I feel I really have hope if I can eat this well. You are as important in my health care as my Oncologist. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!" - Rosie B.

"The food was GREAT. You are amazing!! I think it is the best raw food I have ever had. I liked it so much I ordered 4 more weeks. Thank you so much for providing this service and I can't wait to taste next week's menu." - Erin H.

"Your food is AMAZING!!! I did not know raw food could be this yummy!!! I tried to make my own dishes and they were ok but I would get hungry and not be totally satisfied. You have the perfect mixtures to make a real satisfying and well rounded meal. The portions were perfect as well. Every single dish was tasty and fulfulling!!! You are definitely in the right line of business and hope that you are doing very well. I will definitely refer you to anyone I know who wants to go raw." - Katherine W.

"I just want to say thank you - eating healthy, delicious and wholesome meals everyday has changed my life - I feel great!

I also wanted to tell you that the Thai Soup I had this week was sooo delicious, I loved it! Thanks so much!" - Abe R.

"Loved the little banana carrot muffins! Super double wow yummm and the thai coconut soup was off the charts!! The first and only raw vegan soup where I licked the bowl and had dreams about it!!! Thank you amazing Chef Perkunas!!!" - Melinda D.

"THE FOOD WAS AMAZING. I loved every single dish and my taste buds were doing the mamba with every bite!! I am so grateful that you provide this kind of service because it makes life more enjoyable and more healthy!" - Megan D.

"I am just in awe and the 7th heaven... After doing a cleanse I don't want to eat anything else but raw food, but your raw food is just so that I don't want to eat anything else anymore ever!!!

Soooo delicious. The salad I thought, well it's a salad, but with this tomatoe dressing (I hope it was for the salads :-)) - so yummy, also all the ingredients.
Then yesterday I had the collard leaves - yum, yum, yum... and today the how is it called, cauliflower burger... = I didn't believe raw food could tast so well!
So, congrats on creating such an amazing raw food and spreading the health!!! That is wonderful - so happy I found you." - Birgit E.

"I took "Miss Crunchy" to work for lunch today and I have to say... I loved everything about it! That big crunchy jicama slice was a great vehicle for the yummy gooey flavor-popping walnut spread. It was a perfect combination! I really loved the bell-onion-carrot sauce too. I just dropped brocolli and carrot pieces in and scooped them out with a little daub of the sweet chunky sauce. Mmmm. I kinda went over-board here, but couldn't help it. :-) " - Dana S.

"After several weeks of eating your raw food meals, I have to tell you that it's the best raw food I've ever had! It's absolutely delicious! Every single dish looks wonderful, smells incredible and tastes amazing. I just can't believe how good everything is!!! It's so good that I had to go to the four week delivery plan and start getting 10 meals a week instead of the 8 meals I was getting. I can't get enough of it! Thank you for offering high quality raw food meals. You are helping to create a happier, healthier world." - Lesley A.

"I have been enjoying each and every meal now for about 14 or 15 weeks. I always look forward to the next weeks new menu, I am amazed at how each week is different from any other. The ingredients may be similar, but the way Chef Perkunas prepares the weeks menu, it's like going out to eat at a restaurant and picking something different from the menu each time. I love it!!" -Abe R.

"Absolutely love everything so far... the lasagna was the best, but everything has been delicious." -Ian L.

"The food is delicious. I was very impressed." -Ryan H.

"The food is absolutely amazing! It is so flavorful, refreshing & delicious! Thank you so much!" -Tonya D.

"The food is absolutely fabulous! I loved it all." -Joann C.

"The food is excellent. I love the zucchini kelp spaghetti. It is very light but has alot of flavor." -Andrea A.

“The food looks AMAZING!  Thank you soooooo much! I think I can actually taste the love :-)” –Bree N.
"I just got my raw vegan box delivered at my door today and it is so good! Thank you!" -Carolyn S.B.

"Lots of love and beauty in the food you made for me... it was perfect..." -Maria R.

“I thought the Veggie Vibes food was the best raw food I've ever tasted. I also thought your prices were good. I think the dehydrated items were wonderful. I've had a hard time finding dehydrated items that taste good. You guys have a real gift for preparing this type of food. Also, it was clear that everything was made from the freshest ingredients.” - Elizabeth A.

“I LOVE the food! It's incredibly delicious! I'm really impressed at the presentation and wide variety. I really enjoy cooking food and would love to learn how to cross over to preparing raw meals that you've given me.” - Janet S.

“I work full-time and often have things to do in the evenings, so I don’t have much time for planning, shopping, and preparing meals and usually end up grabbing something fast and easy. Since discovering Veggie Vibes, “fast and easy” is now wonderfully delicious and nutritious whole, live foods! I especially like it for lunch – I grab a Veggie Vibes meal out of the fridge, pack a few pieces of fresh fruit and a raw bar along with it and I’m set for the workday. Thank you Perkunas and Erika!” - Joy L.

“Really awesome foods! I see a definite addiction pattern beginning here. I can't wait to see what's on menu for next week. This makes healing fun!!” - Yolanda Q.

“Perkunas and Erika rawked the party with a delicious gourmet raw food dinner on Saturday at San Diego meet up in Rancho Santa Fe! Everyone LOVED and devoured the yummy food. Even the raw food skeptics were astonished at the taste and presentation. Veggie Vibes is amazing! Thank YOU so much!” - Julie S.

“Thank you so much for providing some AMAZING food for the Lemongrass fundraiser. It was the highlight of the event!” - Jennifer C.

 “I almost just licked a container!!! The portions are very generous, so I am finding that each meal is actually TWO meals. Everything has been wonderful and exceeding my expectations. Can’t wait to see what’s on for next week! Thank you for providing this service.” - Amy P.

“I tried the pizza, it was amazing and rich. Very Yummy! And of course the cookies were the best dessert I’ve had in ages. I have got to have the recipe to make for my parents when I go home at thanksgiving!! Very impressed and satisfied after the first meal! Thank you very much. :)“ - Beth M.

"It has been almost one month and I am still hearing raves about the food! What makes this even more wonderful is that most of our friends are meat - eating skeptics, who had made a lot of jokes about loading up on fast food after leaving the wedding. Well - after they saw and tasted your dishes, no more jokes! ~ What an incredible combination of elegance, taste and health. We could not have asked for a more beautiful, sumptuous and delicious menu! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Randy

“I really loved the food. It was healthy and delicious. The food was not only good tasting, it was soo beautiful. I am not vegan and I thought it was some of the best food I ever had. All I want to say is that I think it was great and you did an amazing job.” - Jessie

“Just got back from a lecture with Dr. T and we were delighted with lunch made by Perkunas! One word......YUMMY!!!!! Thank you Chef!” - Joan D.

“I really liked the soup this week, it was very nice. And the ice cream was amazing. You should sell that in the stores. It's better than anything I've purchased!” - Joy L.

“Food was excellent, and Perkunas and Erika are awesome! Thank you Veggie Vibes!“ - Tracy B.

“Everything is SO yummy!” - Dana S.

“Thank you - the food is devine!” - Karen K.

“Thanks for the wonderful food!” - Allen F.

“The food was fabulous. Thanks again.” - Caroline A.

“Loving the food!” - Bonnie C.

“The food was excellent as always.” - Kristi B.

“Everything was delicious but the ice cream was sooo awesome!!! “ - Hedda S.

"Divino, Exquisite, Delectable, OMG= Oh, My God, Healing, Scrumptious, Balanced, Nourishing, Superior, Quality, High Frequency . . . and that's EVERY dish! From my heart and tummy to your ears and heart THANK YOU!!!! XOXOXOXO" - Enid S.

"Chef Perkunas & Erika, All I can say is WOW; everything is delicious and tasty! The flavors, textures and ingredients are all very fresh and delicious and there has not been one meal that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed!!  I wake up in the morning looking forward to my Veggie Vibes meal of the day." – Elaine R.

“I thought the food was excellent. I think you are offering a very good service. The food was definitely tasty and it helped me stay on the raw path all week.“ - Yvette C.

“I LOVED your food! I especially loved the soup...and the chai milk was incredible.” - Sara O.