We are excited to offer two cleansing packages consisting of selected items from our weekly delivery menu. These meal packages are designed specifically to help you reach your goals!

Cleanse packages are delivered on Tuesday morning-early afternoon. Prices include delivery in San Diego County. For orders outside San Diego County an extra overnight shipping fee will be applied.

RESET - This package consists mostly of liquid meals. Each day you will have 64 oz of fresh organic juices/smoothies and a low fat living veggie meal for dinner. This cleansing package is designed to let your body rest from heavy digestion, allowing it to naturally cleanse and rejuvenate! This cleanse is perfect for anybody who wants to take a few days to reset their bodies by minimizing digestive efforts and maximizing hydration and nourishment. This plan is also perfect for weight loss, all meals are made low fat. Learn more 

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ENERGIZE - This meal package is designed for a more gentle cleansing, that will help you to avoid unpleasant detoxification symptoms. Each day includes 48oz of fresh organic juices/smoothies and a variety of gourmet raw food meals. This package is perfect for someone who would like to increase their energy and mental clarity without sacrificing flavor! If you don't like boring plain diets this package is definately for you! Learn more

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