FUNtastic Raw Food Classes
3 pm to 5 pm every Saturday at the Vibe House

Our Classes are...

Fun... It is all about having a good time, you will learn with ease and effortlessly. We practice the art of feeling awesome :) Get ready to laugh and be playful :)

Personalized... The variety of raw food dishes you can create is pretty much unlimited... We will adapt to your special needs, preferences and skill levels. 

Practical... This is a hands-on class, you will start making magical creations from the moment you walk in. We will have seasonal organic produce ready for you to play with and create in our fully functional raw food kitchen.

Professionally Guided... Classes will be guided by Chef Perkunas, who is an expert in the art of  gourmet raw food preparation. Chef Perkunas is also a passionate and inspired being, ready to share with you his secrets about radiant health, longevity and how to live in a FUN stage of appreciation :)

Yummy... Make space in your belly, get ready to taste ;) Our classes are about  taking your tasting abilities to new dimensions, learning how to balance flavors and use your senses and intuition to create new dishes. This is the basis for mastering raw food preparation. Once you learn this, you won't need to follow a recipe anymore :)

Fun... Did we mention our classes are fun? :) Come and join us for an exiting afternoon. Learn while pampering yourself with luscious raw foods, meet like-minded sunny individuals, join the growing community of healthy souls spreading all over the globe :)

Classes are held at The Vibe House in Vista, CA.
3 pm to 5 pm each Saturday
We'll send the exact location with directions after you sign up for the class :)

We are a party of:
What excites you the most about raw foods?