Raw Halloween Delivery Menu for Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Raw * Organic * Inspired 
 Free of Gluten & Animal Products
Delivered every Tuesday!

New menu items!
(See Bellow) 

Tomato-Basil Rawviolis: Tomato slices filled with tantalizing basil-almond cheese, accompanied with a kale-lettuce salad and honey-mustard dressingorganic raw food delivery
Tahini Rolls: Tender parsnip-sesame rolls filled with lavish cashew-cilantro paste, accompanied with slightly marinated veggie mix, dark greens veggies and light tomato-carrot sauce on the side
raw food san diego
Mystic Quiche: Flax-squash crust filled cheesy parsnip-leek spread, fresh herbs, and kalamata olives, topped with gently marinated and dehydrated tomatoes, accompanied by side salad and almond sour cream on the side. Our Mystic Quiche will awaken the mystic in you... a voyage to a FUN land bite by bite :) 

Halloween Cookies: SPOOKYLICIOUS Halloween treats made with almond-date-orange dough, coconut lemon cream, bat wings, spider eggs, and of course, martian blood and rainbow worms :) buuu 
organic raw food delivery

Tomato Boost :) A powerful soup made with heirloom and roma tomatoes, cucumbers, celery juice, carrot juice, garlic, ginger, chilies and fresh herbs... Perfect balance and texture that will boost your immune system...good against viruses, bad vibes and vampires as well :D ;) ;p

Garden Salad: Seasonal magic :) An abundant mix of tender greens, mini tomatoes, sweet peppers, radishes, cucumbers, celery, zucchini, carrots, corn, herbs and our raw-vegan version of Thousand Island dressing on the side...Yumazing!! :)

Made with RIPE fruits! Balanced to perfection :)


Made with organic cucumbers, celery, apples, parsley, kale, ginger and lemon. This is a soul-refreshing and rejuvenating juice, highly cleansing and nourishing. We call it...”making peace with the universe”... in a bottle :)

Summer citrus party of flavor and amazing healing/energizing/detoxing properties! Fresh squeezed orange, pomelo and grapefruit juice 


This is like a whole meal in a bottle! A nourishing blend of sweet fresh orange juice, monkey power bananas, super yummy strawberries, kale, Popeye’s spinach and apples :) Rock and thrive the whole day baby! :)

Time to enhance your powers! This is a mighty combination of rich in minerals beets, cleansing orange juice, tropical bananas and apples :) “ Cause you are unlimited” :)


This is mother Earth's milk. Almond milk is creamy and delicious! Enjoy it by itself or use it as a compliment to you cereal, Grandma's cookie, soups, and shakes. Use your playful imagination with no limits :)

* THUNDER MILK 16oz Chef's favorite!
"Tuned in" blend, mildly spicy, will make you scream WOW! A zillion times better than coffee. With almond milk, energy enhancer maca root, detoxing fresh turmeric root, Indian spices for inspired action, fresh vanilla, raw honey for your glow, and fresh cayenne pepper to take you higher. Get ready to fly! :)

Seasonal and SPECTACULAR drink made with lavish almond-cashew milk, pumpkin juice, dates, spices and enhanced with maca root and raw honey...yummamazing! :)

 Yummy Treats
These are permanent menu items. They last longer than a week and go well as a healthy snack, treat or a side dish :)

* RAW KALE CHIPS (Nut Free, Gently Spicy)
Luscious organic kale gently massaged with a blend of purifying ingredients like garlic, turmeric root, ginger, chilies, lime juice, fresh herbs and sunflower seeds. Get the crunchy munchy going!  Our Kale chips

* RAW NORI CRACKERS 20 crackers (Nut Free)
Made with raw organic seaweed sheets, sunflower seeds, peppers, celery, garlic, chilies, lime, sea salt and spices. These crackers make a perfect snack or a side to your salad or other veggie meal :)

* RAW GRANOLA 24 oz container (Nut Free)
Slightly sweet and easy to digest, made with super ripe bananas, seasonal fruits like sapotes or persimmons, orange juice, oats, raisins and cinnamon. All ingredients combined together in perfect balance :) Perfect  snack for all occasions! You can enjoy it by itself or mix it with our raw almond milk. It will make you smile :)

* COLE SLAW/VEGGIE DIP 16 oz container 
Each week we'll have a different cole slaw/dip, made with the best veggies and herbs we get from our local farmers mixed with one of our fabulous creamy sauces. Our dips are sensational! Perfect for all occasions! Eat it by itself or with fresh crunchy veggies like lettuce, cucumber, put it on a slice of tomato, yummm, play and enjoy :) make sure to let us know in advance if there is an ingredient you don't want us to use, we'll do our best to customize it :)