Raw Menu for Wednesday 6th, February 2013

 Free of Gluten & Animal Products
Please remember to order in advance, we deliver each Wednesday

Raw Pad Thai: Awesome mix of cabbage, carrtos, daikon, aromatic seeds and with spice cashews and sweet-chili sauce on he side.
Tapa Fusion: Squash-onion bread made with sprouted sunflower seeds, topped with raw red masala sauce, marinated zucchini, onions, root veggies, sweet peppers, herbs and Middle Easter raw pepper cheese

Tribe Zest: Mild spicy nut bites made with Mexican chilies, root veggies and sprouted almond, with jicama rice with flavorful and aromatic herbs, garnish with marinated veggies and fresh and sweet cucumber-ginger sauce on the side.

Fresh Gyro: Maybe Greek, maybe Turkish...Our version of the Gyro is a fabulous combination of crunchy lettuce wrap filled with marinated (Middle Easter style) colorful veggies, with sweet onions, sprouts, dried fruits, our raw nut version of the feta cheese and luscious Greek sauce on the side. This is a to build dish. 
Carrot-Raspberry-Coconut Cookies: Tender and soft, filled with juicy flavors from carrots, apple jam, raspberry jam, dried fruits and topped with coconut raspberries frosting and goji berries. Yummm
Pakistani Veggie Stew: Delicious pumpkin-coconut cream with crunchy and tender veggies with our version of the famous Pakistani seasoning. This a comfort-crunchy soup, not spicy but super flavorful and filled with tender textures, a party in your mouth!! 
Garden Salad: We pick from our local farmers what it looks the fresher and has the more intense colors, all seasonal crunchy greens, veggies, herbs,  and sometimes add dried fruits and nuts to build our awesome salads :)We just love to play, this time it will come with Sweet Masala dressing on the side.

Organic-Raw, Smoothies, Juices 
& Shakes

Made with RIPE fruits!  Balanced to perfection :)


The sun squeezed in a bottle :) Made with ripe organic oranges grown in sunny San Diego. Boost you immune system and build muscles and bones. THE SUN SHINES IN YOU!!
Made with organic cucumbers, celery, apples, parsley, kale, ginger and lemon juice. This is a soul-refreshing and rejuvenating juice, highly cleansing and nourishing. We call it...”making peace with the universe”... in a bottle :)


This is like a whole meal in a bottle! A nourishing blend of sweet fresh orange juice, monkey power bananas, super yummy strawberries, kale, Popeye’s spinach and apples :) Rock and thrive the whole day baby!  :)

Time to enhance your powers! This is a mighty combination of rich in minerals beets, cleansing orange juice, tropical bananas and apples :) “ Cause you are unlimited” :)

This is an aromatic combination of amazing nourishing guavas, great for strength your immune system and  fresh orange juice, a natural cel regenerator. Both combined to the perfection, will rejuvenate your body and increase your energy and stamina...and will make you smile coz is delicious :)

Mouth-watering super ripe persimmons, blended with sunny oranges to enhance your vitality and draw a smile on your pretty face :) Persimmons are amazing for weight lose and are high in fiber and antioxidants...good to know, eh? ;)

* PINK 32oz
This is so much more than a sweet treat in a bottle. Made with amazing raspberries, oranges and bananas. Raspberries are used as a natural depurative of kidneys and liver, also known as woman's best friend, because the soothes menstrual cramps, tones uterus and relax the impact of menopause. Combine with perfect balance to make you thrive! :)


This is mother Earth's milk. Almond milk is creamy and delicious! Enjoy it by itself or use it as a compliment to you cereal, Grandma's cookie, soups, and shakes and to use your playful imagination with no limits :)

*THUNDER MILK 16oz  Chef's favorite! 
Tuned in blend, mildly spicy, will make you cream WOW! A zillion time better than coffee. With almond milk, energy enhancer maca root, detoxing fresh turmeric root, Indian spices  for inspired action, fresh vanilla, raw honey for your glow and fresh cayenne pepper to take you higher. Get ready to fly! :)