Fusion Raw Food Delivery Menu for TUESDAY, September 23rd, 2014

Raw*Fusion Raw & Cooked*Organic
Free of Gluten & Animal Products

Delivered Every Tuesday! 

Please remember to order in advance 
Our organic raw food is artistically hand-crafted 
and takes days of planning and loving labor :)

Yucca Lure : (Fusion Cooked & Raw) NEW DISH Delectable steamed yucca root, sauté zucchini , olives, fresh pico de gallo salsa and rosemary-almond sauce. A pleasure for your senses :)

 *Fusion Raw & Cooked*Low in Nuts*Gluten Free*Best to eat before Sunday


Indian Tart: Scrumptious walnut and fresh turmeric crust, layers of Indian style sprouted sunflower-cheese and zucchini, topped with tomatoes and marinated Portobello mushrooms. Comes with small baby green, cucumber salad and lemon-basil-balsamic dressing. It might take your palate to cosmic levels :) (This is low nut dish)
raw food san diego
*Raw *Low Nuts*Best to eat before Sunday

Shaman's Lunch Box: Indian flavored zucchini/sunflower bites with fresh side salad, sweet'n spicy tomato sauce and savory salsa made with seasonal herbs and olives. (This is a low nut dish)
*Raw *Low Nuts*Best to eat before Friday

Roselini Pasta: Lavish zucchini and daikon noodle pasta with delectable basil sauce, and astonishing green olive-pepper salsa. Sooo good!...this dish is loaded with love and passion :) (This is a LOW-NUT dish)
*Raw *Low Nuts*Best to eat before Sunday.

Arroz con Leche: Inspired by a typical Limenian (from Lima-Peru) dessert, "jicama rice" with coconut cream, raisins, pineapple and cinnamon…. simply delicious! Scrumptious! ohh yeahhh :)
*Raw *Low Nuts*Best to eat before Sunday.

Gazpacho Soup: Excellent for this HOT weather! A delightful combination of roman tomatoes, fresh carrot juice, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh turmeric root. ginger and fantastic herbs!! :) This soup is pure goodness, chef's favorite!
*Raw *Nut Free*Best to eat before Sunday

Garden Salad: Seasonal magic :) An abundant mix of tender seasonal greens (lettuce, kale, spinach, etc), baby tomatoes, bell-peppers, radishes, cucumbers, celery, cauliflower, carrots, beets, herbs with                   Grapefruit-Avocado-Rosemary Dressing  (Made with seasonal-local fresh herbs and olive oil) on the side...eating this salad is a high representation for what fresh and seasonal means :) ... feel goooood!
 *Last whole week*Nut Free*

Veggie Dip: (16 oz container) Each week we'll have a different cole slaw or dip kind of dish, made with the best veggies and herbs we get from our local farmers mixed with one of our fabulous creamy raw sauces. Our dips are sensational! Perfect for all occasions! Eat it by itself or with fresh crunchy veggies like lettuce, cucumber, put it on a slice of tomato, yummm, play and enjoy :) make sure to let us know in advance if there is an ingredient you don't want us to use, we'll do our best to customize :) 
*Our Dip will last at less until Saturday*

JUICES (Last Til Saturday) 

Made with organic cucumbers, celery, apples, parsley, kale, ginger and lemon. This is a soul-refreshing and rejuvenating juice, highly cleansing and nourishing. We call it...”making peace with the universe”... in a bottle :)

CLEAN YOUR SOUL! This delicious juice is made with freshly squeezed orange juice, grape fruit, fresh turmeric juice and mint! It will relax you, cleanse you...but... energize you as well :)

SMOOTHIES (Last Til Saturday) 

This is like a whole meal in a bottle! A nourishing blend of sweet fresh orange juice, monkey power bananas, fresh strawberries from our farmers, powerful kale and Popeye’s spinach  :) Rock and thrive the whole day baby! :)

* VITALIC 32oz (NEW)
A vital and powerful blend of freshly squeezed orange juice, MAGNIFICENT SAPOTES! A nourishing fruit that you'll find only at our local farmers market, monkey power bananas and ginger juice! This blend will strengthen your body and will make you say... wohoo! :)

Our raw almond milk and shakes have changed! 

Now you can enjoy our milks and shakes fresh at home!! Just blend our raw almond base bars with water and transform them into freshly made raw milks in a zip :)
Our almond milk bars are nourishing and decadent snacks for any occasion. Take them to work, while hiking or working out and just as a luscious and healthy evening snack :)


An earthy mix of sprouted almonds and dates. Enjoy our Almond Milk Bar as an amazing power bar or blend it with water and transform our bar into freshly made almond milk :) Then use it as a compliment to your cereal, Grandma's cookie, soups, and shakes. Use your playful imagination with no limits :) (Blend with 32oz or 4 cups of water)

"Tuned in" blend, mildly spicy, will make you scream "WOW!"... A zillion times better than coffee. Made with raw sprouted almonds , energy enhancer maca root, detoxifying fresh turmeric root, Indian spices for inspired action, fresh vanilla, raw honey for your glow, and fresh cayenne pepper to take you higher. Get ready to fly! :)  (Blend with 16oz or 2 cup of water)

These are permanent menu items. They last longer than a week and go well as a healthy snack, treat or a side dish :)

For our friends who love the extra savoriness and crunchiness in your dishes, we have created this ridiculously flavorsome raw seasoning, a perfect complement for salads, soups and all our main dishes. Just sprinkle our raw seasoning magic on top of your raw or cooked dish. Our seasoning is concentrated happiness :) ... and a combination of sprouted seeds nuts and lots of locally grown herbs, spices, peppers, turmeric root, ginger root, garlic and our loving vibes :)

Luscious organic kale gently massaged with a blend of purifying ingredients like garlic, turmeric root, ginger, chilies, lime juice, fresh herbs, peppers and cashews and/or sunflower seeds. Get the crunchy munchy going!  
And...Kale chips can also be use as a perfect seasoning to complement your salads, soup or dishes, just crumble the chips on top of anything you want to pamper with crunchy flavorsome vibes :)

* RAW NORI CRACKERS (Nut Free) (4.5 oz) 
Made with raw organic seaweed sheets, sunflower seeds, peppers, celery, garlic, chilies, lime, sea salt and spices. These crackers make a perfect snack or a side to your salad or other veggie meal :)

* RAW GRANOLA  (Nut Free)
Slightly sweet and easy to digest, made with super ripe bananas, seasonal fruits (sapotes, persimmons, guavas, etc), fresh squeezed orange juice, oats, raisins and cinnamon. All ingredients combined together in perfect balance :) Perfect  snack for all occasions! You can enjoy it by itself or mix it with our raw almond milk. It will make you smile :)

* RAW OATMEAL COOKIE If you're looking for an amazing snack, a powerful, nourishing and filling bar (you know far beyond protein already), if you're looking for texture and flavor in raw foods...here you got it!! Loving, living and magical combination of ripe seasonal fruits, oats, dried fruits, spectacular cinnamon, powerful peruvian maca root, energizing mesquite, luscious dates, raw-amazing honey and sprouted almonds and sunflower seeds... 

* EGGPLANT JERKY (Nut Free) (3.5 oz) 
Seasonal ingredients like eggplant, peppers and garlic come to play into the chewy and flavorful snack. We added a boost of fresh turmeric n ginger to not only be amazingly flavorful but to lift up your health and detox your souls :) It is fun to eat n enjoy :)

We know it! You love to be energized and jump like a bunny :) Our Banana Carrot Power Cake is made with fresh carrots, dried fruit, seasonal fruits like mango, oranges, sapote, bananas or guavas, plus indian seasoning and powerful macs root, fresh ginger root and fresh turmeric root... a yummy but incredibly healthy bite :)